Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of accommodation in the villa and apartments GLÜCKSTHALER

Accommodation reservations are made either by e-mail, phone or by filling the booking form on our website.

We recommend our clients to provide their telephone number in the booking form, where they can be reached if necessary.

  1. Reservations accepted and confirmed by the Company are binding for on parties.
  2. In order to accept the reservation, the company is entitled to request a guarantee from the client, in a form of an advance invoice payment in the amount of the agreed services cost or a guarantee by credit/ debit card.
  3. The Client is required to pay the deposit within due date and send a proof of payment to the Company or, on request, provide details of its credit/ debit card. If the Client fails to do so, the Company is not obliged to comply with the reservation and it is not possible to guarantee the Client the agreed accommodation capacity.
  4. The total cost of accommodation is paid in cash at the reception desk of the GLÜCKSTHALER, by bank transfer to the Company account (based on advance invoice, in this case it is necessary to identify the payment with full name and surname, variable payment symbol, address or personal identification number) or by blocking the amount (from the Client’s card – no amount will be deducted from the Client’s card, the card serves only to guarantee the Client’s binding reservation and will be used only in the case of a justified cancellation fee). The client is required to send true and valid information about his / her credit card. If the authorization is rejected by the bank for no reason or due to an uncovered account, the reservation is invalid. In such a situation, Company will inform client by e-mail within 24 hours.
  5. The client is required to pay the total cost of accommodation in the GLÜCKSTHALER, or any additional cost upon arrival in cash or by credit card.

Accommodation in the GLÜCKSTHALER villa and in the apartments:

  1. The client is required to check-in until 8 p.m. on the day of arrival. Later check is only possible in the case of prior agreement with the receptionists. In the case that the Client does not check in until 8 p.m. without any prior agreement or notice, the receptionist is entitled to provide the capacity of accommodation to another person / persons and require the Client to pay a cancellation fee.
  2. The client is required to check out on the day of departure before 12 a.m.

Cancellation Policy:

The client is entitled to cancel his reservation at any time. This cancellation must be made in writing to the address of Glücksthaler Chalet & Apartments, Mölltalweg 223, 8966 Aich, Austria, or by e-mail to info@glucksthaler.at.

The company is entitled to receive a cancellation fee, which is determined by the length of time between the cancellation of the stay by the Client (the decisive date is the date of cancellation in writing to the Company) and the first day of the stay as follows:

  • upon cancellation up to 30 days before the day of arrival: no cancellation fee
  • upon cancellation of the stay from 30 to 20 days: 35% of the total cost
  • upon cancellation of the stay from 20 to 10 days: 55 % of the total cost
  • upon cancellation of the stay from 10 to 5 days: 75 % of the total cost
  • upon cancellation of the stay from 5 and later: 100 % of the total cost

To pay the cancellation fee, the Company is entitled to charge the prepaid invoice already paid by the Client, or to use the Customer’s payment card data to pay the cancellation fee.

In Aich, January 1st, 2014